Edsel Citation 1958 (87ED58006)


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Edsel Citation 1958 - Ember Red/Frost White 

The two-tone scheme of bright red with white roof.  Has lots of chrome , whitewall tyres with bright red wheel hubs reflecting the body colour.  The Citation name is printed within the silver masked side fins.  Registered in Virginia in 1958, the number plate reads 496.344 in silver on black.  The interior of the car is red with a black steering wheel.  The model is completed with the spare wheel across the back, also painted red with silver detail.

RRP: £5.45

Condition: New 

Manufacturer: Oxford Diecast

Material: Diecast

Scale: 1:87

Theme: N/A

Features: N/A

Make: Edsel


Year: 1958