Scammell Pioneer (76SP006)


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6th Armoured Division - Italy Scammell Pioneer Recovery Tractor

The Scammell Pioneer saw extensive use during WWII especially as a recovery vehicle and our version comes in a desert camouflage military livery, as deployed in the Mediterranean, particularly in the Italian campaign, where it was used by the 6th Armoured Division, whose 'mailed fist' crest is depicted in black and white on the front and rear mudguards of our model.

Military markings add a spot of colour in blue, red, white and yellow around the body and the RAF roundel appears on the roof of the cab. The winch and towbar on the recovery section of the tractor are also finished in the same sandy colour as the body, as are the wheels.

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Condition: New

Manufacturer: Oxford Diecast

Material: Diecast

Scale: 1:76


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Make: Scammell 

Model: Pioneer

Year: N/A