Bachmann OO Rolling Stock

OO Rolling Stock

The Bachmann Branchline range of wagons is justifiably regarded by many as the finest on the market. With nearly 200 wagons on offer in this year’s range, you’re sure to find the vehicle you need for any goods train on your layout.

Starting from the heyday of freight traffic on the railways, we have an enviable selection of Private Owner wagons in their colourful liveries, covering open coal wagons, through to specialist wagons built to carry chemicals, ores or perishable goods. The less glamorous, but certainly more numerous, railway company liveried wagons and vans are well represented – whether you need a vehicle belonging to one of the “big four” companies, or from the wide range of wagons that were either transferred to British Railways ownership, or built to one of their standard designs we are sure to have what you need.

Added realism is brought to many of our wagons by the careful application of sophisticated weathering techniques to represent the everyday wear and tear of a wagon’s working life. Rust patches, replaced wooden planks, over-painted panels, chalk marks and faded body colours are just some of the features accurately replicated – many of which would be very difficult to achieve other than during the manufacturing process.

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