Range Rover 6x4 (76TAC001)


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Military TacR2 RAF Camouflage

The Range Rover 6x4 TACR2, (Tactical Aircraft Crash Rescue) was introduced in 1977 as a successor to the earlier TACR1 based on a Land Rover chassis.  The vehicles were  designed in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence as  first response crash rescue vehicles to get to the scene of an aircraft incident and  rescue the crew before the major fire appliances arrived. They carried 200 gallons of foam and water, an assortment of rescue gear and operated with a four man crew. Over 200 TACR2s were built by three different companies and this release features one of the 18 examples built by HCB-Angus Ltd.

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Condition: New

Manufacturer: Oxford Diecast

Material: Diecast

Scale: 1:76

Theme: RAF

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Make: Range Rover

Model: 6x4 TACR2

Year: N/A